Sustainability within the construction industry still has a long way to go. The production of cement for instance, which is one of the main ingredients in concrete, accounts for 6-8% of global CO2 emissions.

The Production of “clinker” accounts for most of the CO2 emissions of cement production

1 ton of cement production = 1 ton of CO2 emissions

Pozzolan Products

Our Tephra® products represent a real alternative for those wishing to reduce their carbon footprint in the construction industry. Our products can have up to a 95% reduction in the carbon footprint versus the use of cement. Therefore, replacing a portion of cement with a Tephra® product in concrete can have a material effect on CO2 emissions and can be truly meaningful when the term "Green Building" is used.


Natural Pozzolan - Class N


Remediated Fly Ash - Oil & Gas


Remediated Fly Ash - Class F

Our Commitment

At CR Minerals, we are committed to sustainability as a foundational pillar for how we do business. This includes working with our customers, manufacturing our products, interacting with the environment and planning for our future growth.

Operating in a sustainable and responsible way is central to CR Minerals vision of being a world leader in high quality pumice products and manufacturing pozzolan materials. At CR Minerals, we're committed to being good stewards of our resources, therefore, in all of our operations and activities, we strive to leave a positive legacy. Where possible, we look to incorporate and use materials that could be considered waste, thereby diverting them from disposal and the additional environmental burden they could cause in the future.

Our Goals

Talking about sustainability and actually doing something about it are two drastically different things. At CR Minerals, we take positive strides on behalf of the environment and make decisions that are aligned with our commitment to sustainability through the following goals:

Reducing the CO2 Footprint

Reducing the CO2

Continuing the legacy of reducing the CO2 footprint on the natural environment, we focus on tomorrow as much as we do today. This encompasses both our operations as well as our products.

Embracing a Circular

By rethinking our material needs for our products, we can reuse and/or recycle waste streams from other industries, such as power generation and mining, to reduce our demand for natural raw materials.

Achieving Environmental

Operating our businesses in a manner that does not simply comply with all levels of environmental regulations but can be a model for others that have a similar commitment to the environment.

Economic Success Through

Continue to develop innovative products such as our patented Tephra RFA® and Tephra OG® that incorporate waste materials from other industries and low CO2 cementitious materials.

Focus on our

Our community begins with our employees at each location. From there, we embrace customers, vendors, business partners and the broader community as we support health and safety, equality, as well as the social and economic health of all of our stakeholders.


Conducting our operations with the environment in mind is a part of our daily mindset. Whether it is creating minimal disturbance to our surroundings at a mine or constantly striving to reduce our waste footprint in our plants, our operational behaviors demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

Reclaiming the land is a top priority for CR Minerals in our mining process. We're committed to leaving a light footprint with all of our mining and processing operations. In order to improve upon the original conditions of our sites, we go above and beyond the state mandated reclamation statutes. We minimize the impact on local environments through research, planning, and management of each deposit which allows our team to extract our mineral reserves efficiently.


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