The Sustainable & Responsible Way

Operating in a sustainable and responsible way is central to CR Minerals vision of being a world leader in high quality pumice products. At CR Minerals, we're committed to being good stewards of our resources, therefore in all of our operations and activities, we strive to leave a positive legacy.

Environmental Focus

Reclaiming the land is a top priority for CR Minerals in our mining process. We're committed to leaving a light footprint with all of our mining and processing operations. In order to improve upon the original conditions of our sites, we go above and beyond the state mandated reclamation statutes. We minimize the impact on local environments thorough research, planning, and management of each deposit which allows our team to extract our pumice reserves efficiently.

Environmental Focus

Based on our record of consistent results and meticulous procedures, both the New Mexico Mining and Minerals Department and Bureau of Land Management have recognized CR Minerals value as a state-wide leader in reclamation excellence.

Our Strategy

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We are happy to offer a range of products that are applicable and relevant to so many different industries. As our material is all natural, with no additives and minimal processing, our products will often have a much smaller carbon footprint than other competitive substitutes in each of the industries we serve.

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Conducting our operations with the environment in mind is a part of our daily mindset. Whether it is creating minimal disturbance to our surroundings at the mine or constantly striving to reduce our waste footprint in our plant, our operational behaviors are indicative of demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.

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Ensuring that our legacy is to reduce our footprint on the natural environment, we focus on tomorrow as much as we do today. This combines our products, operations, place in the community and manner in which we conduct business.

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