Logistics- Colorado

CR Minerals serves customers and distributors across North America and the world. This means that the supply chains managed are typically long distance and complex.

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CRM Pueblo has on-site silo storage of fly ash and natural pozzolans to ensure timely loadout.

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Bulk Pneumatic Truck
Bulk Pneumatic Rail and Hopper Cars

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Loading hours:
Monday 2:00 am - Saturday 6:00 pm
By appointment only and exceptions by request

CR Minerals serves our construction and energy industry customers natural pozzolan and fly across North America ash via bulk pneumatic truck and rail loadout. Our state-of-the-art facility, located in Southwest Colorado is dual rail served, keeping supply chains managed over long distance.

Logistics- New Mexico

Navajo Brand, SafSil®, and PFM (Pumice Filtration Media)®

These products are shipped from the CR Minerals manufacturing location in Espanola, NM, and from the many locations of the worldwide distributor network of CR Minerals.

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Navajo Brand, SafSil®, and PFM (Pumice Filtration Media)® pumice can be shipped in vans, flatbed trailers, and in oceangoing containers. Shipments can be arranged truck direct or via intermodal. International shipments can be made by container, or we can assist in having vans shipped to various ports across the United States for trans-loading into containers. Shipments are typically in full truckload quantities, but are also available in less than truckload (LTL) quantities.

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Load Integrity

To assure load integrity, CR Minerals uses only high quality pallets with heavy duty cardboard liners to protect the bagged material from the pallet. We take great care to assure that each pallet of paper bags is stacked squarely. All paper bag loads are shrink-wrapped. Great care is taken when loading vans and containers to assure that the load is evenly distributed. CR Minerals encourages its customers to request single stacked pallets in order to assure proper load integrity in transit.

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Packaging Options

All Navajo Brand, SafSil®, PFM (Pumice Filtration Media)®, and pozzolan (Tephra®) pumice is shipped in paper bags and in supersacks. CR Minerals offers several standard packaging options. CR Minerals is also prepared to provide special packaging if required by its customers. On behalf of its customers, CR Minerals has worked with many trucking companies to assure that maximum legal weights can be carried. For most packaging combinations, 22 pallets can be loaded on trucks without exceeding standard trucking highway weight limits.

Mine Products

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CR Minerals Mine grades are shipped directly from our pumice mine in bulk trucks. Since CR Minerals mine pumice is very light in weight, typically less than 35 lbs. per cubic foot, our sales and customer service staff works diligently with customers and trucking companies to assure that high cubic capacity trailers are used in order to achieve maximum legal weights loaded on the trucks.

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The staff of CR Minerals enjoys long term relationships with many trucking, rail, and oceangoing transportation providers. We are prepared to assist our customers in securing the best level of transportation service at the lowest transportation cost possible.

Pozzolan Products

These products are shipped from the CR Minerals manufacturing facility in Pueblo, CO.


Natural Pozzolan - Class N


Remediated Fly Ash - Oil & Gas


Remediated Fly Ash - Class F

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